Mar 23 - Mar 29

Five Things for the Week

Hello! Our cat sleeps like this (above) quite often but, this week it feels especially… poignant? I admit, there were times this week when I wanted to curl into a ball, and cover my eyes, until someone came along to refill my food dish.

Alas, that’s not what “functioning adults” do. So, in between work tasks I puttered around the house, watched a lot (A LOT) of tv, and played a lot (A LOT) of Animal Crossing. And while you might argue that those things aren’t what “functioning adults” do either, I would argue that during these times, it’s perfectly acceptable.

Please do whatever you need to do to keep functioning, adults. Have a great week!

[one] first week in the books

The new job’s first week went well, though a lot less intense than I expected it to be. I thought I would be bombarded with all of the classic onboarding, information overload, with people orienting me on the organization and others bringing me up to speed on projects and needs. My colleagues are busy adjusting to remote work and my IT coworkers are spread really thin deploying laptops and remote software to enable people to continue their work (as best they can). So, a lot of projects and initiatives are on hold until things settle back down and my onboarding (understandably) is taking a back seat to a lot of things.

This works out in my favor in the sense that the pace has slowed down allowing me a slower, easier, introductory to the organization. I spent most of the time attending meetings, just observing the way people interact with each other, and reading through the current backlog of items that will need to be addressed. I was assigned point on a small project where I researched a new application, outlined a test plan, and then opened that testing up to a small group. It felt good to have that to do. 

Everyone is very welcoming and the conference calls are kind of fun as not everyone is used to being on video (or even working remotely, for that matter). I especially like seeing when their kids or spouses appear behind them; cracks me up every time. 

[two] just some of the random thoughts while being stuck inside

  • As much as I enjoy cooking, it’s odd that I don’t do it more often. 

  • I regret not spending more time reading books. I keep starting (a book) but just can’t seem to get into any one of them. I’ll keep trying. 

  • Having physical media (books, movies, music) is important during times like these, if at least to be able to enjoy something without having to be “connected”. 

  • Playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons (on the Switch) has really offset the amount of time I spend on my phone, endlessly scrolling.

  • I keep trying to convince myself that I’m sleeping better than I actually am. 

  • I do better, am more creative, and am happier when I have less. 

[three] and it’s not just the local restaurants i worry about

We ordered Thai the other day because I was craving something spicy and comforting. Red curry, for me, usually meets both of those needs, especially why I get a container of white rice with it. We ordered from one of our (local) favorite places and it didn’t disappoint. I think they made the curry spicier than normal (no complaints here). They definitely gave us a lot more rice than normal (no complaints here). When they open their dining room back up, they’re one of the first places I want to go to. Our other local go-to opted to close completely (until further notice), which is unfortunate. I really do hope they pull through this. 

[four] maybe i should chew gum?

The stress in my jaw is back. It’s pretty obvious why, as there is so much happening and so much to be worried and stressed about right now. The most effective relief (that I have found so far) is to reduce the amount of time spent consuming the news and social media. 

[five] booting up the AeroGarden

I started up the AeroGarden, this time with a few herbs (basil, cilantro, chives, dill, and rosemary). I’m mostly looking forward to having the cilantro and basil readily available. I’m considering getting another, bigger AeroGarden, to grow some lettuces and tomatoes. I wish our yard got more sunlight (for longer in the day) so that I could grow more out there.

Recently Read

The fight to preserve a 44,000-year-old painting - It’s fascinating how some value  the history and understand the significance of ancient art while others do not. 

Inside the Secretly Lucrative World of Solo Piano Music - Maybe I’ll start learning the piano? 

Recently Watched

Onward (2020) - An overall sweet story about brothers but, the story felt rushed and made a lot of plot jumps to get to the “moral lesson”. I feel like there was potential in this that wasn’t quite reached. Not a bad movie, just not (IMHO) Pixar’s best. 

Frozen II (2019) - I don’t remember the plot of the first one. I was lost during this one but, I was only half paying attention (while my wife watched it). I will say, the quality of the animation is really good. 

Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) - A lot of people had to say “yes” for this movie to get made. And that’s enough to remind anyone that people are not smart. 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Completed the series! The episode about Nog’s PTSD was very well done. It came during a span of some really serious episodes, each dealing with issues surrounding war, religious cults, and mental illness. The 8-part run leading to the series finale was a little too “stretched out” for my liking. The finale itself was, well… it could have been better. I’m not sure why they chose to wrap the Dukat/Sisko rivalry that way. 

Recently Listened

This week’s rotation included Mariachi Flor De Toloache, Rachael Yamagata, Japanese Breakfast, and The Black Crowes.

The Black Crowes: Tiny Desk Concert - Fun to watch them revisit some old favorites. 

[Podcast] Invisibilia: An Unlikely Superpower -  I can’t imagine going through life being able to smell others’ diseases. 

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