Oct 7 - Oct 13

Five Things for the Week

Hello! This week, seven people asked me the same question, so I decided to include it - and the answer - at the very end of this week’s post. I don’t expect it so it’s always surprising and fun to get replies back from the newsletters.

I spent most of the week sick and grumpy and tired, and did my best not to leave the house and/or interact with people. It worked; no major incidents or conflicts to report!

Have a great week everyone!

[one] “I’m gonna be (500 miles)” (The Proclaimers)

This weekend’s hike was an easy 2.17 miles, in 50 minutes, around and through William Land Park, in Sacramento. It’s a beautiful park surrounded by some of the prettiest houses we’ve seen in this area. It’s hike #4 in the 60 Within 60 Book, which states that it’s a 3 mile hike if you follow its map. But, frankly, walking around the park was kind of boring. So we cut it short to go visit the nearby Sacramento Zoo.

Thursday evening was the first time that I felt well enough to go for a walk so, we followed a neighborhood trail for 1.71 miles while watching the sunset (above photo). It’s really nice to see so many people using the walk/bike paths in these neighborhoods. Bonus points to those who say “hello” back to me when we pass.

Saturday morning we walked 3.78 miles, in 80 minutes, further down that same trail and then around the North Natomas Regional Park. At the end of that, I remember thinking that the walks feel less like obligatory exercise and more like… well, like fun things that we want to do.

[two] “Every day I write the book” (Elvis Costello & The Attractions)

I turned my iPad into*, and designated it as a “writing machine”. I am building more time to write into my daily routine. I feel better then I write. I understand better when I write. I share better when I write. I need to write. I don’t know why I avoided doing so for so long.

*I paired it with a keyboard and cover, and only loaded apps to use to write and communicate. I knocked out a few homework assignments on it with no major issues. I also wrote this week’s newsletter with it.

[three] “At the zoo” (Simon & Garfunkel)

This morning, we wandered the Sacramento Zoo for the first time. Zoos aren’t great; they’re not my favorite. It bothers me when I see and think about the small exhibits that animals are kept in. Today, it was seeing two Snow Leopards - extremely solitary and remote animals - sharing an exhibit just a little bigger than my backyard. To add to it, seeing children and adults yelling (in excitement) at them while one got up and started pacing nervously, made me want to leave.

I’m not “against” zoos. I think they, along with aquariums, are educational and important for people to get exposure to animals from all over the world. I just wish that they were all… better.

[four] “Don’t let us get sick” (Warren Zevon)

I was supposed to be in Minneapolis (for a conference) this week. I cancelled the trip because I got sick and could barely function (yes, I’m a man-baby when I’m sick) at the beginning of the week. I really needed the time to rest and get better, and appreciated that I didn’t have to deal with airplanes and airports through this. I think my colleagues are grateful that I wasn’t there to spread these lovely germs, too. I do regret missing an opportunity to see everyone. Since going remote, those opportunities are few and far between.

[five] “Picture book” (The Kinks)

When we were at High Hill Ranch, last weekend, we spent some time looking through a local photographer’s booth at the many prints he has displayed for sale. Since then, I have been thinking about my own photos and realizing that too many of them are hidden on hard drives and need to be printed and displayed. I also need to start making some photo albums/books.

Recently Read

“The House of Belonging”, by David Whyte - I just really enjoyed this poem. I forget who posted it and how I saw it but, I’m grateful that I did.

Older Americans Are Increasingly Unwilling — Or Unable — To Retire - So many of my colleagues, friends, and even family members are working well past their retirement ages. It’s a “trend” with many contributing factors, and it worries me.

All hail Holly, the queen of Fat Bear Week - I just like seeing how much these bears fatten up over their Summers.

The Secret Language of Ships - Fascinating.

Recently Watched

The IT Crowd - I’ve been streaming this (from Netflix) all week. As many times as I have seen all of these episodes, I still laugh really hard (and yes, out loud). Never fails to entertain me. My favorite is the episode where Roy and Moss use the handicapped and staff restrooms, respectively, and to avoid getting caught doing so, take on the attributes of handicapped and staff. Next favorite episode when the two learn football (soccer) lingo and try to become more “manly”, and Roy gets caught up in a bank heist with their new friends. “Did you see that ludicrous display last night?”

Star Trek: The Next Generation - We’re up to season 5, episode 2. The “Qpid” episode contains one of the best written and delivered lines in the history of television. It’s delivered by Worf in a scene where the crew has been transformed into Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men. Video below:

Recently Listened

[Youtube link] Sharon Van Etten’s “Seventeen” - It’s one of my favorites from her. If you haven’t already seen/heard it, her Tiny Desk Concert (from this week) is also excellent.

[Podcast] Hidden Brain “Screaming Into The Void: How Outrage Is Hijacking Our Culture, And Our Minds” - An excellent episode on outrage culture and what it is doing to us. Step away from your social media, people!

[Youtube link] Cuatro Tacos - This DJ Lechero music video is fun for taco fans (everyone, right?). “I may be chubby but I’m still guapo”


Post Notes:

Have you considered vlogging (video blog)? Every once in a while I consider it but, I really prefer still photography and written word. Perhaps that’s where my psyche has drawn the line in the sand between “old man” and whatever we’re calling the younger “vlogging” generations these days.

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