Dec 2 - Dec 8

Five Things for the Week

Hello! The first photo is from Saturday, taken at sunset while the storm moved east of us. The second photo is from this afternoon, taken during a walk through our neighborhood. Though I’m enjoying (very much) the rain, it was nice to get out for a little bit, enjoying the late afternoon sun and 61 degree weather.

I started a photography project where I take (and post) at least one photo a day for the month of December. My hope is that this project primes me for the others that I’m planning for 2020. If you want to follow along, I’m posting the photos both on Flickr and my blog.

As always, I appreciate you reading and sharing. Have a great week!

[one] next year is going to be a good year

Another easy weekend. That’s three in a row! A luxury! We didn’t make any big plans because we weren’t sure what the weather was going to bring. It was raining off and on through the week so we were hesitant to go out for any hikes… or outside in any capacity, really. We did manage to get out to run errands on both Saturday and Sunday because, well, not everything stops for the rain.

We continued our planning discussions, from last weekend, starting to list places we want to travel to, people we want to spend time with, home improvement projects, etc. We did some financial planning which will increase the amount we put into savings each month and allow us to travel more. The second part of this plan requires us to look at the calendar and start blocking off weekends and vacation time to do this. Experiences, not things. All of this has me really excited for 2020.

[two] i almost ordered the “moons over my hammy” just for fun

On Saturday morning, our first errand was at the bank. We arrived an hour before they opened and had some time to kill. Since we needed breakfast, we opted for the nearby Denny’s. I can’t remember the last time I ate at a Denny’s. M and I couldn’t remember ever having eaten at one together, ever. The food was decent and cheap. A very pleasant surprise was the excellent level of service we received from our server. She was so personable, and so on top of things, and genuinely seemed to be enjoying her work. It was refreshing.

[three] where would i find the time or discipline for this?

This week, I started thinking a lot about learning an instrument. It’s between guitar (maybe bass?), piano, and drums. I’m currently leaning towards piano. Though, electric drums look fun. I’m not sure why I want to play an instrument. Is it because I want another creative outlet? Something else?

[four] well, i am the oldest on our team

As our team meeting came to an end, on Friday, we were chatting about the difference between cold brew and “regular” brewed coffee. I mentioned that I appreciate cold brew for being less acidic, and said something along the lines of “when you’re my age, you’ll appreciate that”. I can’t tell you where that comment came from; I’m still trying to figure it out. It was my first “when you’re my age” attempt at a joke that I have ever made, and it wasn’t planned. It just… came out. And now I have become the “when you’re my age” guy on our team. Great.

[five] small acts lead to big impacts

One of our neighbors conducts an egg carton drive twice a year. She asks everyone to save up their egg cartons and collects them for a local food shelter. The food shelter receives egg donations from local farms, and uses the cartons to distribute them to families in need. She left us a note, after collecting our stacks, letting us know this was her last drive because she is moving.

It’s neat to think about the impact that she has made with her efforts. She has recruited a group of volunteers that help her go around the neighborhood to collect. There are pictures (on social media) of their cars completely full of egg cartons. It’s really impressive!

Recently Read

Though I tried a few times, I wasn’t able to start another book this week. Too much to do.

When A Brand Ruins Your Faves - Ernie Smith blogs about the commercial that currently irritates me the most, and nails exactly why I find it so irritating.

Recently Watched

The Mandalorian - The Baby Yoda obsession continues, this time (in episode 5) with appearances by Amy Sedaris and Ming-Na Wen.

The Christmas Chronicles (2018) - M’s coworkers were talking about this so she queued it up one afternoon, and I found myself paying more attention to it as it moved along. It was surprisingly good with more than a few funny moments.

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Although Riker is supposed to be the show’s “ladies man” I have to wonder if it actually is Picard. In this span of episodes he had another romance with Nella Daren (and discussing it over breakfast with Dr. Crusher, nonetheless). Has he already moved on from Vash? Recovered from the loss of his wife (in Inner Light)? There was also a lot of focus on Riker in this span, which… meh. Also, James Worthy as a Klingon (in “Gambit: Part 2”)! I do relate to Worf more than the others. This scene from “Second Chances” is perfect:

Food Wishes: Lion’s Head Meatballs - Chef John’s video has me wanting to make this very soon.

Recently Listened

This week’s rotation included Roxy Music, Big Thief, and Incubus.

Top Knot Turn Up”, by Madame Gandhi - A coworker was telling me about this track. She plays it before she has to give a presentation or run a meeting. In the words of Madame Gandhi, “This is a song about tying your hair up and getting that work done. My time is not your property when I'm productive like my ovaries!"

All Songs Considered: Sheryl Crow Interview - I liked this interview and some of the insights that Sheryl Crow shared.

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