May 25 - May 31

Five Things for the Week

Hello, is it 2021 yet? Though, if we have learned anything about history it’s that the beginning of a new calendar year very (VERY) rarely changes any of our circumstances. You know what changes our circumstances? Our actions.

But there’s no reason for me to expand upon this. If you’re paying attention, you are already acknowledging (I hope, at least thinking about) this. By now, we should know that change begins with ourselves, our own thoughts, awareness, and behaviors.

It took more than 40 years but I’m finally beginning to be more comfortable, more accepting of myself. One of the big turning points to arrive here? Acknowledging that I can change (in myself) what I want to change. Related: accepting and being accountable for past behaviors.

I do not, nor cannot, fully understand everything that is happening in our world this week. I know that I’m saddened, angry, frustrated, and confused. I want to help but I don’t know how. Not yet.

If I may, some unsolicited advice for you: look for good things and, if you have trouble finding them, create.

Please take care of yourselves this week.

[one] that sandwich

I wrote about wanting to try some breakfast sandwiches, from Camellia Coffee, a few weeks back. I still do but, earlier this week we had two brioche-style buns (leftover from weekend burgers) and inspiration hit me…

I grilled two chicken-apple sausage patties. I generously buttered and toasted the buns on the same grill, nice and indulgent. I then took extra care to make a velvety (as much as I could), fluffy omelette (with dill, milk, and salt) to place on top.

The photo (above) is rushed and plain (i.e. not styled) because I wanted to eat it before the egg and sausage got cold.

My wife has mentioned this sandwich to me, and to others, multiple times this week.

Reader, it was wonderful.

I’m considering this sandwich as the base, a foundation to build upon. I have many more ideas for varieties that I plan to make.

[two] i might start a tech blog?

I’m part of a few Slack instances for IT professionals (mostly focused for project managers, systems analysts, engineers, and business analysts). There’s a lot of good general networking happening, along with professional resources and funny shared stories. It’s a great learning resource. 

This week I participated in a discussion on being the “IT Support” for friends and family. Some hate the role, or at least are irritated by it. Some treat it with indifference, accepting it as their “role” in their family or friend group. I found myself siding more towards the group that seemed enthusiastic about it. They found enjoyment and satisfaction in being the ones to help people around them figure things out, set themselves up for efficiency, and be more aware of cybersecurity. 

We found our conversation started to focus on identifying ways to make technology more accessible to everyone. Of course, this isn’t anything new. Technology has many barriers to entry and understanding. But, what can technology professionals do to make it more accessible to those implementing it in their homes, their lives? There are thousands of sites and blogs out there that can be resources but, where do you start? Who do you trust and follow? Who can, and how can we, make it more personal? 

So we split off and created a new Slack channel to continue this discussion and to try to find some solutions. I’m so happy and excited to be a part of this. 

[three] comfort from the freezer

My appreciation — and nostalgia — for Drumsticks has returned. They were an especially nice indulgence during this week’s heat wave. Also, a Digiorno pizza tastes way better than one would expect from a frozen pizza. Even better when slightly overcooked (for a nice crunchy crust). 

[four] note to self: be present

More so this week than last week, or even the past few weeks, I used work as a form of escapism. I need to be careful with this; I have used it in unhealthy ways before. Multiple times. It can be healthy in small doses but, where I let it happen for long spans of time is when I caused myself (and others around me) the most pain. 

[five] applicable to thought, planning, and action

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” —African Proverb

Recently Read

The Reeducation of Cherry Truong by Amy Phan - I really appreciate stories that juxtaposition “coming of age” stories, like the lives of young adults against the same timeframe that other generations (parents, grandparents) faced during the same time in their lives. There’s so much consciously or not, shared or kept hidden, that shape who we are and why we do what we do. Author Amy Phan did a wonderful job telling this story.  

Cabins We Wouldn't Mind Being Stuck in Right Now - Any of these will do. 

The editor of Taco Bell Quarterly explains how to make art out of a fast food brand - I read this article twice because the first time I couldn’t stop thinking “there’s a Taco Bell magazine?”

We don’t own our digital lives and it’s time we started caring about it - Remember when something disappeared from your music or movie library, the first thought was that a friend/family/roommate had taken it? Now, it’s corporations. 

The story of a weird world I was warned never to tell - *insert dropped jaw emoji* 

Recently Watched

Dragonheart (1996) - I don’t remember why I was talking about it but I discovered that my wife had never seen this (or didn’t remember any part of it). Not only did we find it on Netflix but, we discovered there are 3 sequels. I wasn’t aware of any of them. Unfortunately, none of them look all that great (judging from their previews). 

Get Smart (2008) - Funnier than I remember and Steve Carell is a perfect Maxwell Smart. Alan Arkin’s delivery of “I don't know. Were you thinking, ‘Holy shit, holy shit, a swordfish almost went through my head’? If so, then yes.” had me rolling. 

Star Trek: Voyager - currently at s7 e15. I noticed a lot of B’Elanna side eye and Janeway rolling her eyes during this span. “Blink of an Eye was interesting and well done. Fascinating concept having Voyager be “stuck” orbiting a planet where time passes much faster on the surface. I really liked how they explored that. Also nice to see a Daniel Dae Kim appearance. Episodes where they are able to make brief contact with the Federation fascinate me. I have grown to like and appreciate Lt. Barclay. I also like Icheb; he’s a good character that I wish they had more time to explore. Klingons on a pilgrimage. There should have been a franchise spinoff following Naomi Wildman’s journey through Starfleet Academy and her career to become a captain. And yet again, *shakes fist at Ferengi*.

Reunited Apart - episodes “Splash” and “Lord of the Rings”. I’m a sucker for cast reunions on Youtube. I miss John Candy. The Lord of the Rings cast is just fun to watch. 

Recently Listened

This week’s rotation included Mala Rodriguez, Ana Tijoux, N.W.A., Rage Against the Machine, and Rainer Maria

[Single] “Quién Manda” by Mala Rodriguez - the chorus (loosely translated) is: 

“Who’s in charge? Who?
Time to watch people rise up
I don’t need power”

[Podcast] KCRW Good Food: Roxane Gay, plant-based Mexican, Indian spices - The link is to the conversation segment with Roxane Gay though, the entire episode is great (as usual). It’s a great conversation between her and Evan about food, our relationship to it and our self image. 

[Podcast] Vergecast: Slack CEO Stuart Butterfield on competing with Microsoft, the future of work, and managing all those notifications - An interesting listen and it coincides with some of the conversations I had with colleagues, this week. Work is changing, not just because of COVID-19 but because of many factors. Our approach to work, and technology, needs to continue to evolve as well. 

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May 18 - May 24

Five Things for the Week

Hello there. I hope that you’re doing well. I’m doing pretty good, though I think there is a little extrovert trying to fight its way out of me. Something about needing face to face interaction? Nah…

Above is another photo from our yard. It’s from a couple weeks ago and, when I first loaded it onto the computer, I tagged it as a “throw away” image. Specifically, I remember not liking the composition.

This morning, I looked at it with a different light— literally, turning it into black and white— and saw contrast and tones that I didn’t pay attention to before.

It’s still not a great photo. When I look at it now, there are many things that I still don’t like about it. But, it’s better than it was before (editing).

Some photographers wait a few days, weeks even, between the time they take their photographs and the time that they organize and edit them for this same reason. Writers will tell you that revisions are absolutely necessary for the creative process to work. Painters will layer multiple scenes over each other on the same canvas.

Time will change understanding, perspective, and intent. Time gives you room to process, to evolve… it provides room for change itself.

You might not consider yourself a photographer, a writer, or an artist but, you are a creator. You’re creating thoughts and opinions, relationships with others, meals, decor and spaces in your home, and so many other things when you stop and think about it.

You’re creating your life. The passing of time and your revisions are part of that.

Have a great week, and take care!

[one] remote working as a distraction

I’m in a fortunate position (on many levels). Having worked remotely for the past couple years made my transition to Stay At Home easier than most. I see others— coworkers, friends, family, my wife— trying to adjust and it’s a stark reminder that the adjustment isn’t easy. And that adjustment takes time (it took me a while to adjust and, in some ways, I still am). I’m also fortunate because I changed jobs just as all of this started to unfold which, looking back, was a very precarious time to be changing jobs. And I’m very fortunate to even have a job to begin with. 

On top of that, this week I realized that I was fortunate to be able to keep myself busy. This helped to distract me from points of sadness, anger, disappointment, and other events and emotions that we are experiencing. I could put my head down to set it all aside and…. work. 

This week I researched and wrote a lot. There are a few business goals and processes that I’m trying to find (technical and software development) solutions for, as well as establish and streamline some internal processes.

[two] reKindling *groan* my love for reading

The highlight of the week was reading (completing) two fiction novels. Unfortunately, it has been a while since I have read this way. It was the result of making some intentional routine changes with the intent of 1) reading more, and 2) spending less time on news and social media. 

A big part of achieving this was switching back to the Kindle (versus reading on an iPad). I read so much better, and retain so much more, when I read on an e-ink screen. And it helps not having other apps and notifications as distractions. 

[three] revising and tinkering with tacos

One of the recipes that I am trying to perfect— and work into our normal rotation— is sweet potato and black bean tacos. It’s a common, and very easy, “internet” recipe with a few variations. I have the toppings down to near perfection: salsa, shredded red cabbage lightly marinated in lime juice, Cotija cheese, and cilantro. The adjustments are being made with the mix of spices that I coat (and roast) the diced sweet post and black beans with. This week I used garlic and onion powder, Mexican oregano, chili powder, smoked paprika, and cumin which ended up tasting pretty good (and made the house smell wonderful). 

For the next batch, I’m going to roast the sweet potatoes at higher heat to try to get them more crispy (on the outside). I’m also thinking of adding some roasted poblanos to the filling for another layer of flavor. 

[four] retaking the control of my attention from my devices

I deleted a lot of apps from my phone and tablet, and “assigned” tasks that were specific to each device. This is a change from before, where I had each device synced with all of the same apps, and thus they were interchangeable. What I found was that I constantly had a device on me and kept switching back and forth with no specific intent. In other words, I am spending too much time with devices. 

The goal is to use these tools (devices) with specific intent. For example, I removed all gaming apps from my phone and kept them on the tablet. So, if I want to play any mobile games, I need to use the tablet. I no longer would just use whichever device was near me. Another example: I removed any productivity apps (like Word) from the mobile devices so, if I need to use them, I need to use the laptop.

This is one of many small changes I’m working to implement over the next few weeks, including rearranging app folders and screens, removing or burying “time wasting apps” in folders, turning off more notifications, and more.

[five] reminder for creatives

Recently Read

Bury What We Cannot Take: A novel by Kirsten Chen - A heart-breaking and beautiful story. It made me consider the lengths people will go to escape oppression and live a better life, and the resilience and strength that individuals retain as a result.

The Changeling, by Victor LaValle - I had this on my Kindle for a long time. I think I preordered it (in 2017) and just let it sit in my reading queue since. It’s been so long that I forgot the synopsis of the story. I’m happy I didn’t know what to expect because the story took me on a wild, entertaining and suspenseful, ride. The more I think about (process) this story, the more I realize how brilliant the writing is. The interplay between what is real versus what is not, and how these metaphors related to mental health… brilliant.

Desperate workers rush to delivery app jobs to find low pay and punishing rules - I definitely have benefitted from all of this. Over the past few weeks I have taken steps to make sure that I am ordering directly from stores and restuarants, using their employees and delivery drivers. But, it’s not always easy and there are still hidden-to-consumer costs and consequences. 

Living with Sea Otters Next Door - Everything affects everything, especially when it comes to living things. 

Why This Woman Chooses to Live in a Ghost Town - can you blame her? *searches for ghost towns to move to*

Recently Watched

NPR Tiny (Home) Desk: Sylvan Esso - A cute and relaxing watch. 

The Last Dance - episodes 9 and 10. Overall, a good documentary that was fun, nostalgic, and entertaining. Much needed during this time. Looking forward to seeing the NBA (and all sports, really) return.

Star Trek: Voyager - currently at s6 e12. We got another feature film quality (2-part) episode with “Equinox”. I liked it but thought that Captain Ransom’s change of heart was a little too forced. It’s weird seeing Janeway and Seven interact so much when we know that their actors had such offscreen tension. Tom Paris is a dick. Janeway finds an outlet for her loneliness. Seven spouts off conspiracy theories because she can’t properly process an increase in the information she takes in (quite apropo for our times). The series has sometimes veered to become “The Doctor and Seven of Nine” show, which isn’t a complaint. Compared to the other characters, those two are the most entertaining. 

Recently Listened

This week’s rotation included Def Leppard (“Pyromania” of course), Superorganism, Rainer Maria, Mariachi Flor de Toloache, Mala Rodriguez, and Yo-Yo Ma (his social media posts are so good).  

[Single] “Helena Beat” by Foster the People - I broke my Tetris 99 personal best while listening to this song. Got me in the right headspace. 

[Single] “No Sigas (Don’t Speak)” by Mariachi Flor de Toloache - A great cover.

[Podcast] NPR Life Kit - A good overall podcast but I want to highlight three episodes that can help a lot of people, especially now: 

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May 11 - May 17

Five Things for the Week

Hello and welcome to the end of another week. Like many others, our days and overall sense of time are starting to blend together. Wishing people “happy Friday” at work doesn’t really feel the same.

This week was especially difficult. It felt like a concentrate of 10-years of events and emotions boiled down to 7-days. And it will continue.

Events can happen immediately and only take a small moment but, recovery (and healing) takes time. And effort. And support… compassion… empathy.

This time in history, this environment and these circumstances… if we take away anything, it’s to not hesitate. Say the things you want to say to the people that you want to say them to. Be the person you are; try to stop holding yourselves back. Love what you love, do what you do.

Have a great week, everyone. Take care of yourselves and, if you can, others.

[one] a loss and a reminder that needing help is normal

We lost a dear member of our family. In addition to grieving, we’re reminded to think through and take care of many aspects of our lives. Please take care of your physical and mental entities. And when (not if) you need to help, please reach out and ask for it. There’s absolutely nothing shameful about seeking help. 

[two] subconscious scribbled thoughts during calls

I scribbled the line “be more social on social media” during one of this week’s conference calls. Later in the week, during another call, I crossed it out and wrote “nope” beneath it. 

[three] food thing

I recently saw a picture of Camellia Coffee’s breakfast sandwiches (below) and was immediately intrigued. I haven’t tried one yet but did add them to my list of places to visit (hopefully) soon. I started following them on Instagram and promptly learned that they’re selling horchata cold brew... *insert dropped jaw emoji* 

[four] giving the tracker something to, you know, track

I worked back to making sure that I’m closing all of my activity rings (on the Apple Watch) again. Sometime in the past couple months I fell out of that habit. They key is to not look at it as a “chore” but part of a routine, like brushing your teeth. Closing all of the rings is easy and should be the daily bare minimum.

[five] a skippable rant if you’re not in the mood

I’m so done with everything being politicized. Yes, politics is important and should be paid attention to. Yes, our leaders (elected or not) should be held accountable. No, not every issue is a political issue. There are things in this world *cough* pandemics *cough* that demand politics (and blame) be set aside and people work together to achieve a solution. Our government leaders (on all sides) and media (of all biases) aside, what are you doing? Are you posting and spreading blame? Are you pointing fingers and policing/judging others’ behaviors? Then you are part of the problem. 

Are you reaching out to others regardless of their opinions and politics? Are you taking time to learn and educate others with credible facts not laden with opinions? Are you taking time to listen and understand? Do you understand your own thoughts and emotions? Are you helping? Please, please be part of the solution. Step out of, and away from, the noise.

Recently Read

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’: The Oral History of a Modern Action Classic - This is one of only a small handful of movies that I would call a “modern classic”. And rightly so. 

Snakes Have Friends Too - I love the article’s featured photo and the smile that snake appears to have. 

Actually, Tuesday is Worse Than Monday - Every day is the same, lately. 

Recently Watched

The Office Cast Reunites for Zoom Wedding: Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 7 - A very sweet episode all around but, the cast montage wedding dance? Perfect. 

It's Time to go BACK TO THE FUTURE! | Reunited Apart with Josh Gad - I love this cast so much. Missing Biff but, there’s a separate video where he makes an appearance.

Lessons from Jeju - Every time I read/see something about Jeju’s haenyeo, I learn something new and I fall into deeper admiration and respect for them and their traditions. In this short film, I especially love their humor and the “motherly” gestures they make towards the narrator (Kimi Werner). Side note: Kimi Werner seems very familiar to me; I think I have met her in person (?) but I cannot place when/where. 

The Last Dance, episodes 7 and 8 - I remember being so surprised when Seattle came back and won those games. I wrote that Finals series off as a sweep after those first two games. They were so outmatched. The Bulls players, and all of the NBA players at the time, were operating at a level very few of us are capable of. But Michael and Scottie Pippen were operating at a level above that, and that’s just amazing to think about. Their minds saw and processed differently, and bodies were very physically different, from the rest of us. 

Kim’s Convenience - I completed season 4. My favorite scenes are Appa and Umma interacting with Pastor Nina and the rest of their church. 

Star Trek: Voyager - currently at s5 e16. The episode “Dark Frontier” was good. We knew a “Seven of Nine” origin story would come sooner or later, right? But it was well done. One of my favorite things about the Borg is the choice to make them similar to insects, like bees, where they operate as a collective with groups having different jobs and being “commanded” by a queen. So any time the Borg Queen appears, it gets my attention because I like the dynamic that introduces to the story. Also, Alice Krige was the best Borg Queen. 

Recently Listened

This week’s rotation included Thao and the Get Down Stay Down (their new album “Temple” was released and it is excellent), Rilo Kiley, Beastie Boys, and Ana Tijoux.

[Single] Smokey Brights “I Love You But Damn” - love the tone and lyrics in this single. 

[Podcast] Proof: Cheater Cheater Chili Eater - I found this amusing. Who knew there was so much drama in chili competitions? I would love to see this story spoofed some way, like a true crime doc.

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May 4 - May 10

Five Things for the Week

Hello and I hope you are doing well. The photo (above) is from last year but I thought it was fitting for my mood, today. I can’t say that I’m doing great but, I’m definitely not doing bad. I’m still feeling very grateful because I’m not experiencing a lot of the hardships that so many others are.

There’s a lot of talk about what our world will “look like” when we come out of this. What intrigues me is the talk around evaluating how your life has changed— what and who do you miss— and then being intentional about how you “rebuild” it (when all of this is over). They’re saying that this is an opportunity for reinvention… reinvention of yourself, even your lifestyle.

I spend a lot of time thinking about this, comfort food, my Animal Crossing task list, daydreaming about future road trips, and a bevy of personal writing and photography projects I want to start on.

When this is over, I don’t think that I’ll need to “rebuild” anything. I just need to come out knowing what I value and what I want to spend my time and energy on.

Have a great week!

[one] and i started feeling bad for delivery drivers

I changed some things that we regularly would have delivered to curbside pickup, as we’re now looking for any excuses to get out of the house. Even if it is only for a short drive to the grocery and hardware stores or the In-n-Out drive thru. Running errands is something that we look forward to now. Seeing the roads so light (in traffic) is eerie, especially for a California city. And as strange as it is while wearing masks, it’s nice to be able to interact with others. Even for my introverted self. 

[two] even our air conditioning unit is done with all of this

It figures that our air conditioning unit stopped working during the peak of our mini heat wave (high 90s). This resulted in me working through various combinations of open windows and fans (throughout both floors) in order two find the optimal cooling airflow for the night. The first night was tough. The second, bearable. It’s nice that it’s cooled back down again. Even nicer that the unit will be repaired early this week. 

[three] work is my distraction from everything else

I’m grateful that it was a busy week at work. Not chaotic but, there was a steady stream of meetings/interactions, tasks, and projects to work on to keep me content. I started a backlog for ideas for projects and things to work on (in addition to what I already have). I love that, like my old job, there is an entrepreneurial spirit in approaching initiatives (current and new). It allows for a lot of creativity. 

[four] virtual doctor visits aren’t that bad

My first visit with the new doctor was virtual. Over a video call we chatted al little about history and goals. The oddest part about it was talking about health issues and diagnosis with someone I hadn’t met before, virtually or in-person. For a little over 30 minutes, I told a stranger— on a video call through my iPad— everything that’s physically wrong with me and watched/listened to his keyboard as he typed it all out. But that was not difficult, just odd. 

The nice thing is that I was able to have that virtual visit. He made time to make that happen and was very welcoming to me as a new patient. He and his staff have also reached out a few times since, to help facilitate medical record transfers, prescription transfers, and setup follow up appointments. I have a generally good feeling about this. 

[five] so much time on my hands that it’s come to this

I started looking through computer files and didn’t like the way that things were organized. Er, that is, had become disorganized. I had different projects and archives and backups stored in different places, all segmented, without me realizing it. People (coworkers) always tease me with something like “you must not do any actual work” because my workspace is always clean. But if they could only see how I store my files…

This weekend, I started cleaning up and creating a (I hope) better file structure and workflow. 

The daunting task ahead? I’m going to have to tackle organizing my digital photos and albums soon. 

Recently Read

To The Driver Who Hit Me And Ran - The day before I turned 16 (and was getting my driver’s license) I was hit by a car while riding my dad’s bike. Thankfully, my only injury was a bruised forehead and swollen eye (which showed up in my very first driver’s license picture). That driver did not stop. I literally rolled across the hood of their car (when they hit me) and they did not stop. Sticks with me to this day. 

Can we escape from information overload? - We can… but do we want to? 

Sheltering in Place in an R.V. Is Not as Fun as It Sounds - A friend of mine is doing this (and blogging about it). It intrigues me but, yeah… this article. 

The real Lord of the Flies: what happened when six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months - Fascinating. 

Recently Watched

The Last Dance - episodes 5 and 6. I can’t say a lot about this series that isn’t already written about. I do appreciate how different the game was in the 90s versus now; how much the defenses were different (and how much a defender could get away with before a foul was called). I also appreciate how fierce opponents (e.g. Rodman, Kukoc) can become loved teammates.

Kim’s Convenience - currently at s4 e5. I started watching season 4 as background noise throughout the day. It’s nice and comforting, with scenarios and characters that are funny and relatable. Sometimes the (fake) accents are a little too much but I’ve grown to ignore them. It’s a little disconcerting how close my personal wardrobe is to Appa’s.

Star Trek: Voyager - currently at s5 e4. B’Elanna’s depression/PTSD (of losing all of her Maquis friends) was handled well and the episode was nice and dark (tone) which isn’t as common in this series as it was in DS9. Watching Seven play ‘mother” to One was interesting but, the episode lost me when One essentially became a superhero with a crazy amount of powers (attributed to his advanced technology). It felt like too much. I wish they (show runners) had spent some more time on the letters that the crew transmitted to home, giving more of their backstories and insight into relationships (and feelings of missing everyone). 

Recently Listened

This week’s rotation included Flor de Toloache, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, Linda Ronstadt, The Mountain Goats, Rilo Kiley, and Rage Against the Machine

[Podcast] Hidden Brain - I caught up on a couple of episodes and liked them both: 

[Music Video] NPR Tiny Desk (Home) Concert: MILCK - Just some beautiful music. 

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Post notes:

I feel bad that I didn’t write a haiku this week. I needed a break; there were a lot of things that I needed to take a break from. I also planned to skip this week’s newsletter but decided against it at the last minute.

Apr 27 - May 3

Five Things for the Week

Hello and I hope you’re doing well. I did some pruning this weekend. Literally, pruned the two rose bushes that were overtaking the walkway leading to our front door. And pruning sources of digital noise. This included unsubscribing to emails (any and all marketing emails), deleting apps from my phone, changing notifications, and reducing the number of social media contacts. And social media platforms.

It feels good to do this. It’s something that I should do regularly. Those roses will grow back. The noise and the platforms will sprawl again…

May came faster than I was prepared for. At the beginning of the year, I set May as a milestone for me to gauge some health and lifestyle changes. I haven’t reached a single milestone, and I’m okay with that given these uncertain ti— nope, I still can’t.

Have a great week!

[one] a quicker pace for change and creativity

I had a great work week. I played a role in two public things, one being a town hall via GoToWebinar. I also got to implement (and tweak) my software development workflow, which is something I started working on from my first day.

I think I have mentioned this before: a lot of my coworkers are adjusting their workflows and implementations on the fly. A lot of what I’m working on equates to helping them find and use technology to do so.

I was hired to help them do this, as well as steward the new and continued development of some proprietary applications. But the pace that we’re changing is different (faster) than what was originally planned. The team was prepared, when they opened my position, for a few years of gradual changes. We’re moving much faster than planned, and doing pretty good with it so far.

The condensed timeline and sense of urgency is nothing new. We all face it, now more than ever. I’m enjoying it; being able to think on the fly and learn (implement) using trial and error… it’s fun for me.

[two] confidence boost

I received (and turned down) another job offer. It came from a vendor that I had worked with a few years ago. The CEO had recently learned that I was no longer with SO and reached out to see if I was interested in joining their team. Talk about a confidence boost! It’s an overall nice feeling to have someone do that as well as a good reminder that you just never know what kind of impression you leave on others. 

[three] food delivery of the week

We experienced a small joy in being able to order from one of our favorite restaurants again. They opened back up, on Friday, after being closed all of April. Still (obviously) not the same as being able to dine there but, totally happy with (and grateful for) being able to indulge.

[four] what our weekends have become

There’s value in being able to simply veg out. It’s not the same as “being bored” rather, it’s just being able to quiet your mind and just… be. For me, that could come by day dreaming or even just getting lost in Animal Crossing for an hour or two without worrying or thinking about anything else.

[five] pep talk

I wrote this in my (offline) journal and wanted to share again, here, as another reminder for myself: 

You create more easily with less. Use what you have. No computer? Use a pen and paper (to write). No camera? Use you smartphone (to photograph). No special kitchen appliance? Find another way.  The tool is not the creator, you are. Creating is messy… Be messy. Put the mess out there. Out of your head. Make it tangible. Work it. Mold it. Accept that it will be messy and bad and embarrassing. Become comfortable with it. It’s important. Don’t do it for an audience, for views or for likes or for… whatever. Do it for yourself. 

Recently Read

Worrying well: how to bring wisdom to your worries - I’m going to start asking myself, “is this a functional or a futile worry?” 

The Extended Internet Universe - Fascinating. 

Recently Watched

The Goonies Are Back!! | Reunited Apart with Josh Gad - Entertaining cast reunion, even if I had to put up with Josh Gad. 

A Parks and Recreation Special - Great seeing this cast back together too. Poor Joan Callamezzo. 

The Last Dance - caught up by watching episodes 1-4. During the late 80s and through the 90s I was a huge NBA fan. I remember watching any game that was televised (and available to me), no matter who was playing though, I was partial to the Bulls, Lakers, and Spurs. It’s fun revisiting this period.

Star Trek: Voyager - currently at 4 e16. Captain Janeway seems really quick to go to the “sacrifice the ship and/or crew” solution. And sure, they have faced a few situations where that could be called for… I suppose. This has become “Star Trek: Seven of Nine” since she joined the crew. Not necessarily a complaint but, you can definitely tell where the show runners pivoted to attempt to improve ratings. It’s unfortunate that Kes was written off, though her story arc was stalled. Also, a black market for violent thoughts, a murderous hologram fed up with how humans treated it, Harry Kim has got it bad for Seven, Andy Dick as an EMH Mark II, and “Year of Hell” which could definitely have been a feature film.

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This week’s rotation included STRFKR, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, Rainer Maria, GOWE, and Rachael Yamagata

[Podcast] Your Undivided Attention: When Attention Went on Sale - So much out there is sensationalized, politicized, and dramatized… all for our attention (and ad dollars). It’s no wonder our thoughts and perceptions are skewed, confused, and often blown out of proportion. 

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