Feb 3 - Feb 9

Five Things for the Week

Hello! I almost forgot to send this out. I have been under the weather this week, fighting off a cold (that I hear has been going around) and catching up on some much needed sleep.

The above photo is a common scene I experienced during Games. While that isn’t my workspace (I support the people whose workspace that is), I love the atmosphere of it. Getting to watch the athlete compete while working with technology that runs the competition. It’s quite the view.

Have a great week!

[one] going to miss this loc

It’s very unfortunate that the 2021 Games have to be relocated from Sweden. This Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is a passionate group of people who are very enjoyable to work with. They’re one of the more fun and collaborative LOCs that I have worked with in a long while. These games went well and would have established a great baseline for us to continue building on for the next year. I hate that we lose that momentum and opportunity. I really do hope that there’s another chance to work with them soon.

[two] nothing like being home

It’s good to be home. No matter how long or short the trips are, there are very few things better than the feeling of walking through your own front door and sleeping in your own bed.

[three] that’s a bold choice

I saw this storefront while walking around the downtown area of Ostersund. I’m not sure what kind of store this was, part of it looked like an office building but another part looked like a hair salon(?). I remember looking at the shark and thinking, “well, that’s a bold choice” followed by “I need more bold choices in my life” followed by, “should I hang a shark in my office?”

[four] always sick after winter events

Like clockwork, I came home sick from working a Winter Games. My throat was scratchy, sinuses stuffed up, and was running a fever off and on, which made the flights home even more miserable. I suppose there is some solace in knowing that it’s not just me, and that the cold/flu has been going around. Though that hasn’t made these last few days any more bearable.

[five] have you ever eaten a bat?

To add to it all, the side eyes and other miscellaneous looks I was getting, as an Asian man any time I coughed, was enough to make me want to hide in a hole for fear of being mobbed. Yes, I’ve seen the stories about racism online, against Asian people, regarding the Coronavirus. It’s pretty bad. Between the “jokes” and the outright cruelty… it’s bad. I un-followed two extended family members on Facebook because of some of the “jokes” they were posting. And while it wasn’t overt racism, this experience came from my Lyft driver upon being picked up at the airport: 

Lyft Driver pulls curbside: Are you Patrick?
Me: Yes. 
LD: Where did you come from? 
Me: Sweden
LD: Sweden? Where’s that? (no joke, he didn’t know where it was)
Me: Northern Europe. 
LD: Are you Chinese?
Me: No. Listen, if you’re uncomfortable I can request another Lyft…
LD:  It’s ok, you can get in. I’m just being careful, you know? 
Me: I have been through three airports on the way here. They would have stopped me if there was concern. 
LD: So, if you’re not from China, where are you from? 
Me: *rolls eyes* LA (my go to response when I don’t want to get into it). 
LD, while driving: So I heard that this (Coronavirus) started with some Chinese eating a bat. Have you ever eaten a bat? 
Me: No man. 
LD: You guys eat some crazy sh*t.
Me: *stares*

He eventually got the hint that I didn’t want to talk and thankfully just turned up the music and drove. And even more thankfully, the ride was short. I have had worse Lyft rides but this one came after 25 hours of travel. I’m actually surprised I didn’t snap. 

There’s a level of ignorance out there that I will never understand. 

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Recently Watched

Snowpiercer - I missed this movie when it was first released and watched it on a flight home. I liked the unique approach and stylized way the scenes were put together but, there were a lot of things I couldn’t get past, like how a train wouldn’t be able to keep running for as long as it had without someone maintaining the tracks. Maybe there’s more in the book that explains this?

The Good Place, series finale - I have said it before; I like when a television series ends at their peak rather than play out for years. This was the perfect length of run for a series and way to end.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - currently at s3 e9. The introduction of the Dominion and Odo finding his home world was very well done. What is boggling is now with the constant threat of the Dominion, Starfleet hasn’t offered or sent any reinforcements other than giving the DS9 crew a ship (the Defiant). Especially after losing a Galaxy-class ship in the process. A wormhole that connects two sides of the galaxy is under threat and Starfleet is like, “Here’s one barely-tested ship. Let us know how it goes.”

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This week’s rotation included Courtney Barnett, GOWE, Collective Soul, Mala Rodriguez, and Concrete Blonde.

[Podcast] NPR Short Wave: A Coronavirus Listener Q&A Episode

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