May 11 - May 17

Five Things for the Week

Hello and welcome to the end of another week. Like many others, our days and overall sense of time are starting to blend together. Wishing people “happy Friday” at work doesn’t really feel the same.

This week was especially difficult. It felt like a concentrate of 10-years of events and emotions boiled down to 7-days. And it will continue.

Events can happen immediately and only take a small moment but, recovery (and healing) takes time. And effort. And support… compassion… empathy.

This time in history, this environment and these circumstances… if we take away anything, it’s to not hesitate. Say the things you want to say to the people that you want to say them to. Be the person you are; try to stop holding yourselves back. Love what you love, do what you do.

Have a great week, everyone. Take care of yourselves and, if you can, others.

[one] a loss and a reminder that needing help is normal

We lost a dear member of our family. In addition to grieving, we’re reminded to think through and take care of many aspects of our lives. Please take care of your physical and mental entities. And when (not if) you need to help, please reach out and ask for it. There’s absolutely nothing shameful about seeking help. 

[two] subconscious scribbled thoughts during calls

I scribbled the line “be more social on social media” during one of this week’s conference calls. Later in the week, during another call, I crossed it out and wrote “nope” beneath it. 

[three] food thing

I recently saw a picture of Camellia Coffee’s breakfast sandwiches (below) and was immediately intrigued. I haven’t tried one yet but did add them to my list of places to visit (hopefully) soon. I started following them on Instagram and promptly learned that they’re selling horchata cold brew... *insert dropped jaw emoji* 

[four] giving the tracker something to, you know, track

I worked back to making sure that I’m closing all of my activity rings (on the Apple Watch) again. Sometime in the past couple months I fell out of that habit. They key is to not look at it as a “chore” but part of a routine, like brushing your teeth. Closing all of the rings is easy and should be the daily bare minimum.

[five] a skippable rant if you’re not in the mood

I’m so done with everything being politicized. Yes, politics is important and should be paid attention to. Yes, our leaders (elected or not) should be held accountable. No, not every issue is a political issue. There are things in this world *cough* pandemics *cough* that demand politics (and blame) be set aside and people work together to achieve a solution. Our government leaders (on all sides) and media (of all biases) aside, what are you doing? Are you posting and spreading blame? Are you pointing fingers and policing/judging others’ behaviors? Then you are part of the problem. 

Are you reaching out to others regardless of their opinions and politics? Are you taking time to learn and educate others with credible facts not laden with opinions? Are you taking time to listen and understand? Do you understand your own thoughts and emotions? Are you helping? Please, please be part of the solution. Step out of, and away from, the noise.

Recently Read

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’: The Oral History of a Modern Action Classic - This is one of only a small handful of movies that I would call a “modern classic”. And rightly so. 

Snakes Have Friends Too - I love the article’s featured photo and the smile that snake appears to have. 

Actually, Tuesday is Worse Than Monday - Every day is the same, lately. 

Recently Watched

The Office Cast Reunites for Zoom Wedding: Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 7 - A very sweet episode all around but, the cast montage wedding dance? Perfect. 

It's Time to go BACK TO THE FUTURE! | Reunited Apart with Josh Gad - I love this cast so much. Missing Biff but, there’s a separate video where he makes an appearance.

Lessons from Jeju - Every time I read/see something about Jeju’s haenyeo, I learn something new and I fall into deeper admiration and respect for them and their traditions. In this short film, I especially love their humor and the “motherly” gestures they make towards the narrator (Kimi Werner). Side note: Kimi Werner seems very familiar to me; I think I have met her in person (?) but I cannot place when/where. 

The Last Dance, episodes 7 and 8 - I remember being so surprised when Seattle came back and won those games. I wrote that Finals series off as a sweep after those first two games. They were so outmatched. The Bulls players, and all of the NBA players at the time, were operating at a level very few of us are capable of. But Michael and Scottie Pippen were operating at a level above that, and that’s just amazing to think about. Their minds saw and processed differently, and bodies were very physically different, from the rest of us. 

Kim’s Convenience - I completed season 4. My favorite scenes are Appa and Umma interacting with Pastor Nina and the rest of their church. 

Star Trek: Voyager - currently at s5 e16. The episode “Dark Frontier” was good. We knew a “Seven of Nine” origin story would come sooner or later, right? But it was well done. One of my favorite things about the Borg is the choice to make them similar to insects, like bees, where they operate as a collective with groups having different jobs and being “commanded” by a queen. So any time the Borg Queen appears, it gets my attention because I like the dynamic that introduces to the story. Also, Alice Krige was the best Borg Queen. 

Recently Listened

This week’s rotation included Thao and the Get Down Stay Down (their new album “Temple” was released and it is excellent), Rilo Kiley, Beastie Boys, and Ana Tijoux.

[Single] Smokey Brights “I Love You But Damn” - love the tone and lyrics in this single. 

[Podcast] Proof: Cheater Cheater Chili Eater - I found this amusing. Who knew there was so much drama in chili competitions? I would love to see this story spoofed some way, like a true crime doc.

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